Saturday, March 6, 2010

New York

So I see a rumor that Charles Schumer mr. anti civil rights   himself has a NYC unrestricted gun permit, meaning he is one of 30,000 people out of 8,000,000 and actually about 22,000 of those are retired cops which leaves us with about 8,000 non LEO permit holders.  That 8,000 is primarily the ultra well connected of NYC, people such as Robert DeNiro, Don Imus, Harvey Keitel,Joan Rivers, The Donald and a variety of politicians.  Contrast that with MN that has a shall issue carry permit system as of this month there are 71,000 permit holders out of a population of 5.2 million with the vast majority of them being civilians and that has happened in the just over 5 years MN has had a non discretionary permit system.
This quote from Wikipedia regarding the Sullivan act:   Many believe the act was to discriminate against immigrants in New York, particularly Italians, as the first person arrested under the law was mobster Giuseppe Costabile [1]. Whether this was part of the law’s intent, it was passed on a wave of anti-immigrant rhetoric as a measure to disarm an alleged criminal element. The police granted the licenses, and could easily discriminate against “undesirable” elements. Sponsor “Big Tim” Sullivan reputedly desired the law so that his criminal cohorts could go about their activities unimpeded by citizens defending themselves with concealed handguns. does a fine job of showing what gun control is really about taking gun out of the hands of a feared minority.  Look at the cities and states that have the most draconian gun laws; Washington D.C., Chicago, NYC , California, Massachusetts, Maryland are all winners on the Brady Campaign scorecard all have had large immigrant populations and now have  a large minority population.
In June we will see NYC attempt to defend itself because it is next up on the list.

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