Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tuna smackdown

  Some friends* of Sari's and I created a goof called the Tuna hotdish smack down last year mostly to give us all an excuse to get together over the winter and visit. So as reigning champion I decided this year I needed to twist things a bit. 
  My initial thoughts were to deconstruct the ingredients, foody talk for using traditional ingredients in a different arrangement, so one way to do it would be instead of a casserole you would have a plate of pasta like tagliatelle with a mushroom cream sauce and sliced tuna steak with Parmesan and ground pepper. That seemed needlessly complicated for something that needs to travel 30 miles before eating. I agonized, I pondered and then I found the idea. 
  I made tuna hotdish using seared tuna steak, coconut milk, ginger, a bit of ancho chilies with slivered Parmesan cheese, French Fried Onion and coconut flake for some crunch. I also made a couple testers in ramekins for quality control purposes.

Update: I have retained my crown, it was close, because the head chef from the Harbor View Restaurant showed up too late to be judged. Without that misstep of the pro I would have placed second.

Abode Gallery has some furniture that makes me drool, if you need beautiful stuff for your house this would be a good place to go. 

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