Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tea anyone?

  There have been a few intriguing pieces on the Tea Party of late here's one. Real Clear Politics had another the other day here and then there is this one from Mr. Instapundit that I like enough to link to again.
   The thing for my non minarchist friends to understand is this irritation at the federal government and profligate spending started before the election, I know it's hard to believe but it's true for me and those other friends of mine that have been protesting.
   Here's a bigger shock I don't care what color president Obama is, I really don't, in fact I was listening to Henry Gates this morning on MPR and was reminded this worry about skin color or ethnicity is from my parents generation, most of the people I know care about the person and his or her actions not the amount of melanin they have in their genes.The thing I care about is that those leaders we elect uphold their oath to the Constitution and abide by it's constrictions.
  News flash I have disliked the increase in federal power and spending since I've been able to vote. I don't care which side proposes it, it doesn't matter if it's Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. or our current president. I disliked in a bi partisan way the McCain Feingold act. I dislike the Patriot Act I&II. I dislike that the democrats are continuing to  whine about an obstructionist republican minority when they have for the last 13 months had super majorities in both the house and senate as well as a friendly face in the white house. I find Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Frank Lautenberg, Dick Durbin and several others political ideals and aims just as distasteful as president Obama's and they are white and most are male. I'm not a bigot for my disdain of stateism or those who propose it.
  I wrote my congressman and senators in opposition to the bailouts by Bush, I wrote them again asking them to oppose the TARP bailout and Chrysler and GM and health care reform. If they don't listen the only other option is to start going to political rallies and protests and then get involved with one of the political machines and work to change it.   
   I think we as a country have drifted too far towards the kind of political ruling class unbeholden to the people that more and more pushes us in a direction that resembles that of Europe's democratic oligarchies and if I had wanted to live in Europe I would have moved there years ago.

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