Saturday, January 16, 2010

San Diego smackdown

From Arms and the Law comes this tidbit;
The city of San Diego got a ruler across it's grubby little fingers regarding it's denial of a concealed carry permit to a resident. There are a couple interesting bits when reading the PDF I linked to. One is the plaintiff brought a section 1983 civil discrimination suit, plus he cited the 2nd, 8th and 14th amendments as rights he was denied by the city. The other is the Judge Irma Gonzalez basically told the cities attorney's you didn't even try to advance a compelling state interest and that if you had it still wouldn't pass intermediate or strict scrutiny with regards to what are fundamental civil rights.
The fallout from Heller is starting to be felt on the left coast and if McDonald vs Chicago goes the way the pundits expect I think a lot of our 20,000 plus gun laws are going to crumble over the next decade.

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