Sunday, November 8, 2009

I might get it

Back at the beginning of September I tried trap shooting for the first time, I got hooked immediately on the game. This after years of viewing shotguns as irrelevant to me for anything other than something more effective than any pistol for zombies. I had two shotgun choices at home a Mossberg 500 built in the 60's with a 26" barrel , variable choke and a youth stock or a S&W 916T I bought at a gun show right after I got back from Alaska that had had it's barrel shortened to a smidge more than the legal length and had no front sight because of it. I found a new 28" barrel for the Smith a couple weeks ago but it doesn't fit me much better than the Mossy.
Friday I picked up a 30 year old Browning Citori Trap, lordy what a difference it makes to have a gun that fits and is built for the sport. My best score to date with the Mossberg 500A I started with has been 22, which took an act of god and 600 rounds to get, my usual scores have been in the mid teens.
My first round today with the B gun was a 18 then I shot a pair of 21s a 19 and a 17. Unlike with the Mossberg when I missed I actually knew what went wrong with the shot. Apparently the way this is supposed to work is you put the bead under the clay and slap the trigger and you get little chunks of orange clay frisbee everywhere. Who knew? The Monte Carlo stock and 15" length of pull make it simple to bring the gun to my eye as opposed to contorting myself to see the bead. It still needs a some fiddling as it shoots a little low right now but it's a least on the same block of the neighborhood
I need it to be in. I also need to plug a book called the Stock fitters Bible by Rollin Oswald which has been tons of help in figuring out what I need as far as fit.
The other interesting thing was I shot 5 rounds of trap and one round of 5 stand (the game from hell) and wasn't feeling beat up and I didn't punch myself in the nose once from recoil.

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