Thursday, October 8, 2009

What can I say

It sure would be nice if Mayor Blloomberg with all his millions could buy a clue.

'Mayors Against Illegal Guns' scrambles for relevance

My favorite comment and very true
Kevin Wilmeth - Anchorage Libertarian Examiner says: While technically I would go even further and say there is only ONE legitimate law, anywhere--the Zero Aggression Principle--I'd certainly hold that Gregg's suggestion would be an astonishing step forward from where we are now.

The state will have none of it, of course, since its primary claim is on a monopoly of violence within its own borders--a monopoly without which it cannot run its myriad protection racket schemes, and without which it might actually be held accountable to something other than itself.

Imagine the horror if this were to happen. My word, the bloody peasants might actually start to figure out that decent humans need no law at all, and indecent humans are in no meaningful way restrained by it...and zounds, that might get them questioning why they need a state at all.

Why, they'd wind

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