Saturday, October 3, 2009

In the world of non politics

I am still feeling ambivalent about riding motorcycles after last year. I didn't get any really, really good scars but I got a couple little ones and a hand that by the grace of the flying spaghetti monster works almost as well as before punching the ground at 80ish.
I'm not sure what is going to become of the RC I sold the Ohlins Forks off it to put some money down on a Browning O/U because I tried trap shooting (oops). I think I am going to sell the Ohlins rear shock too so I can finish buying the Browning before the snow flies.
Speaking of trap shooting from a post I put up on TwinCitiesCarry/

Not being a hunter due to laziness and living in civilization I've not really thought about shotguns much beyond having one for HD. About a month ago I was supposed to get together with some Artistic type shooters (It's a weird attempt at changing hearts and minds) and try trap shooting with a Mossberg 500 I had bought at an auction two or three years ago thinking I'd use it for trade bait or sell, instead it has quietly rested in a closet. Well someone got hung up and the time got pushed back to the point I couldn't go so I decided to go to the Hudson Gun Club to do some pistol shooting, at the last minute I decide to bring the shotgun with figuring maybe I can find someone to give me a pointer or two and it isn't busy I'll still try hitting clay frisbees.
WHY THE HE double toothpicks has no one told me in thirty years of shooting that frisbee shooting is damn fun. Jeez people.
I've now become a member of the Hudson range (which has by the way a rifle and pistol range, trap, skeet and 5 stand ranges (fields?) as well as an archery range and cheap dues) all so I can (attempt) shoot little clay discs and burn up 12gauge ammo at a prodigious (for me) rate. I've also apparently become okay at the gun store because I mentioned I was thinking about buying a trap gun and suddenly Neil and Dave both got pretty animated (well for them) and started actually chatting, I've been stopping in there and buying stuff for 5 years.
I put a late seventies Browning Citori Trap on layaway and now have several hundred rounds of 12 ga ammo floating around the house and car. I've joined the forums and am busy soaking up how to approach the various shotgun games. Can you tell I have an addictive personality? I'm gonna need another 12 step program I can tell.

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