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The more things change........

June 1966 Guns & Ammo Magazine

The Dodd Bill Both Fact ... and Fantasy

By Neal Knox

America's 40 million or so hunters, trap and target shooters, plinkers and other law-abiding gun owners1are about be stepped on by the U.S. Congress if Senator Dodd has his way.

And the sportsmen are told it won't hurt.

Senator Thomas Dodd (D., Conn.) says that the latest of his series of firearms control bills, S.1592, will affect only crime and criminals; that the duck hunter, deer stalker and competition shooter will never be caused more than "minimal inconvenience" by his administration-approved proposal... More

The average sportsman is more interested in reading of a hunt in Africa than studying the dry, confusing fine print of a bill that would make the guns for that African hunt illegal.2 He is lulled by the assurance that his shooting sports will never be hampered by "crime" bills.

But he may be jarred awake in the near future when he discovers that he may have to drive many miles to buy a box of .22 caliber rimfire ammunition.3


  1. Hi Scott --

    You're right. Some things just don't change. We do appreciate the link. This piece and other historic columns, articles, and essays are contained in the new book Neal Knox -- The Gun Rights War which is available at

    Chris Knox


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