Saturday, August 29, 2009

For those who were wondering.

Gun Rights 101: What is open carry? From Don in IL who can't carry a loaded firearm either way in his home state. Here in Wisconsin I can open carry anywhere except in a vehicle (and within 1000' of a school or in a government building or bar). This leads to the loading and unloading and storing or holstering of my handgun every time I get in or out of the car until I hit the MN border at which point I can do either open or concealed carry and can even carry a loaded long gun to a political rally at the St Paul capitol grounds if I want. Of course in Minnesota because they have no right to keep and bear arms in their Constitution I need a carry permit which runs about $200.00 to 350.00 after training course, ammo and range fee for the qualification and government fee.
If you are going to open carry a retention holster is a good idea Galco, Blackhawk and several others make them in both Kydex and leather. It is also of course a good idea to maintain situational awareness so the retention capabilities don't get tested.
As an aside regarding permits, I am a middle class guy, the cost of the class and permit were not that big of a deal for me but for the woman who may need a firearm to protect her children or herself that 250.00 may be the grocery budget for the month. That mom may also live in a crappy and crime ridden area or she may have an ex who isn't paying attention to the restraining order a judge issued, is it right or fair she is denied an effective means of self defense because she cannot afford the fees that legitimizes for the government her carrying a weapon to preserve her life so she gets a chance to pursue liberty and happiness? Ideally she lives in Alaska or Vermont neither of which have laws preventing open or concealed carry by any American citizen not barred from possession due to felony conviction or suspicion/conviction of domestic abuse. Barring that hopefully she lives in one of the states which allows open carry with no permit. It may involve some odd looks or derision from some but it may also save her life.
I've said it a multitude of times gun control is racist, sexist and usually classist. It always disarms minorities and the poor whether it be Christians in Islamic countries, Jews, political dissidents or as in our past Indians, Blacks and the poor. It also always leads to higher crime rates and regularly leads to democide (murder of citizens by the state, see American Indians, Germany, Russia, China, Uganda, Cambodia and of course the latest Darfur).

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