Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is change?

President Obama's administration is using the same tactics as the last did in peddling that Mexico's drug cartel violence is our fault. Look at the parallels, Iraq, yellowcake, centrifuges, WMD's. versus 90% (actually 17% according to the ATF), "Assault Weapons", gun show loophole. It's been debunked repeatedly yet the Obama administration repeats it's meme over and over. I find it tiring to have my government lie to me and it makes me sad. I had hopes that he was actually serious about change.
Let's try blaming the actual problem for the violence on both sides of the border, prohibition. Obama's first question in a virtual town hall meeting was about legalizing marijauna, his response to make a joke and say the drug war will continue. Not much change or even thought there. Real logical thought about the problem would be too hard so let's blame the American gun owner after all that's easy.

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