Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Okay here we go all my leftish friends are gonna disown me. I have never really paid much conscious attention to Che Guevara beyond commie=bad but after finding some friends belonging to a facebook group called Che Guevera was a murderer and your t-shirt isn't cool I started doing some reading and I am not sure why anyone would be enamored of a serial killer/mass murderer. I am not seeing much difference other than scale between him and Himmler or Lenins hatchet man who's name escapes me. He was also apparently capable of fucking up anything he was put in charge of.
Some linky goodness Biography, the workers paradise he helped create , a list.
I continue to not be a fan of oligarchys which is really what your typical Communist, Socialist, Fascist state or the people who create them.

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