Friday, March 6, 2009

I sent this to the DOJ the other day

Mr. Holder,
With all due respect sir why do you keep pushing this "assault weapons" ban? According to the FBI long arms of any sort are less than 2% of gun crimes. Do you believe taking firearms from those who would abide by law will deter criminals from using them? It hasn't so far, so what is your point by continuing the farce? Out of curiosity sir when the president says the second amendment is different in Cheyenne than Chicago does that mean the 14th and 15th amendments are different in LaCrosse and Atlanta? Which other civil rights are different for some than others? Shall we deny 4th and 5th amendment protections to Arab Americans in airports? I find it surprising that a man of African American decent whose fathers and grandfathers were denied the right to arms even after the passage of the 14th amendment would even think to further restrict the rights of American citizens. Is there a part of shall not be infringed that is unclear sir?

I also sent similar missives to both my senators and congressman. I doubt Mr. Holder will ever get it but my congress critters seem to.

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