Sunday, February 1, 2009

More debate

Format change, in red is my friend, in unapologetic, evil corporate black me.
I agree completely with this thought. The war on drugs became a war on drug users. It accomplished nothing except to put more violence into our culture via the obscene amount of money flowing for street drugs and the imprisonment of millions of Americans for having or using a chemical. And it's had no effect on either the use/abuse of chemicals or their availability. Government certainly makes some very stupid decisions. The drug laws are not sane thinking.

Then what makes them preferable to a corporation? It isn't like they are going to change, that would put many state and federal employees out of work. It also isn't like they will moderate their behavior, they will continue to push for more restrictive laws abridging more of our civil rights, trying to win an unwinnable war because they can't admit they are wrong. Why in the world should I view this as acceptable behavior or encourage more of it? If I could say on my 1040 I don't want to pay for X, Y or Z but am willing to pay more for A, B and C and can live with D through W as it is I might be more okay with government and taxes but I can't so I'm not, I'll take corporate services any day they don't continue to make automatic withdrawals from my earnings to pay for things I don't want and wouldn't buy if given a choice.
Of course we are also inundated with Rx drugs which is an even larger business condoned by the government. It's highly profitable and kills more people per year than street drugs.
Why do you then encourage government to get into another area it will likely fail at. Show me a government program that makes money or even cost less than an equivalent charity. The IRS took over the Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada it went bankrupt under federal management. A whorehouse lost enough money it needed to declare bankruptcy.

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