Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obvious truths

Government produces nothing, zip, zilch, zero, the very most it can do is redistribute something someone else made or possessed. When we talk about trillion dollar bailouts the government isn't paying because it has nothing to give without taking from us first. You might argue that the money is being borrowed from China or Saudi Arabia or wherever but at some point it needs to be paid back at which time we the people pay it not government and we do it because if we do not the State will force payment through confiscation or by using force.
I suggest this is ethically and morally wrong. A government operating with the consent of the people has no need to force payment, the people will voluntarily pay for it's operation. It is only when it oversteps it's proper bounds that force become necessary to use ensure compliance.
I have no problem with user fees, license fees for things not protected by the BoR such as freedom of speech and assembly or the right to keep and bear arms, I don't mind consumption taxes such as sales tax or gas tax because I have a choice whether or not I consume. I do object to the confiscation of my money by my empoyer at the behest of government before I see it. I think it allows government to expand without being accountable to the people it is meant to serve and that is just not right.

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