Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh boy!

So last Thursday I had a plate and screws removed that had been holding my fifth metacarpal together. Aside from having a reaction to the anesthetic in the form of puking on the ride home (always fun) it was pretty uneventful. The exciting part is my hand doesn't hurt anymore. It has ache or throbbed constantly for the last three months and since Saturday night the pain level has been dropping rapidly. As a side benefit the Dr. apparently unstuck a couple tendons and removed some tissue that was slightly infected which has freed up the range of motion a ton. It's still goofy and requiring physical therapy exercises all day every day but at least I don't need to take painkillers to keep from taking a saw to my hand.
Too bad motorcycle season is over.


  1. When you say "ride home", do you mean you spewed in the passenger seat, or do you mean you blew chunks in a full face helmet?

    The former is kinda "meh", but the latter is a tale with which you can impress your friends for years to come. ;)

  2. Passenger seat. Not very tale worthy come to think of it not very fun either.


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